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The Heartful Parent Podcast | A podcast about balancing parenting, partnership, and your professional life
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A podcast about balancing parenting, partnership, and your professional life.

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Episode 55: We are NOT Meant to Parent Alone with Providencia Lopez

You’ve heard me say it at the start of every episode: we were never meant to do this alone. Parenting, that is.…

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Episode 54: The Value in the Un-Paid Work of Parenting with Lori Sugarman-Li

First of all, I’m so grateful to all of you, Listeners, for being on the podcast journey with me for one full…

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Episode 53: Don't Raise a Narcissist with Dr. Mary Ann Little

Do you know any narcissists? If you do, I’m sure just reading or hearing that word triggers a reaction in you. Did…

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Episode 52: Improving Your Relationship with Your Space with Patricia Lohan

Did you know that feng shui is the art of creating a harmonious and healthy home? You might be a skeptic, and…

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Episode 50: Heartful Parenting Practice: Showing Up with the 4 S's

Most of us wonder what we can do to raise happy, successful kids; the answers aren’t always obvious or easy!  In this…

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Episode 50: Getting Un-Stuck from Anger & Shame in Parenting with Emily Hughes

Can you relate to feeling angry, exhausted, overwhelmed? I’m betting every parent has! And maybe you’ve even lost it on your kids…

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Episode 49: What the HECK is Sugar Dating?! with Casey O'Roarty & Amy Lang

Sugar Dating?? Have you heard of this? If you have a teen, tween, young adult, or someone who is going to grow…

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Episode 48: Building Your Village with Mara Berrios & Mayna McVey

Parenting is hard, and I strongly believe we are not meant to do it alone. In this episode of The Heartful Parent…

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Christy Keating is a certified parent coach,  positive discipline educator, and motivational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of The Heartful Parent Collective, which includes Heartful Parent Coaching, Savvy Parents Safe Kids, and Heartful Parent Academy.

The mother of two amazing daughters, Christy strives to build a happier, healthier world - one child, one parent, and one family at a time.