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The Heartful Parent Podcast | A podcast about balancing parenting, partnership, and your professional life
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A podcast about balancing parenting, partnership, and your professional life.

Episode 38 cover art

Episode 38: Halloween Myths BUSTED

I love Halloween! We get to dress up and pretend. It's great for building community and connecting with our neighbors. If you…

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Episode 37: Finding the Sparkle & Balancing the GRIT with Wendy S. Meadows

Work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges in parenting. On this episode of The Heartful Parent Podcast, Wendy S. Meadows joins…

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Episode 36: Up Close & Personal With Israeli Mom, Lihi Netzer

 My friend and colleague, Lihi Netzer joins me on the podcast today. Lihi is a fellow Positive Discipline Educator and Parent…

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Episode 35: How to T.A.L.K. S.C.A.R.E.D© When the World is Tough

When the world is scary, how do we parent? You might find yourself thinking, I want to talk to my kids about…

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Episode 34: Spare Me ‘The Talk' with Jo Langford, M.A.

My friend and colleague Jo Langford joins me on The Heartful Parent Podcast today! Jo is a dad, a Master’s-level therapist, an…

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Episode 33: Dealing With Disappointment (& Uncomfortable Shoes)

I’m getting raw and real with you again today. I’m sharing a story that while, yes, it’s a first world problem, it…

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Episode 32: Getting to the Heart of Time Management, Part 2 with Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick, Time Management Coach, is back for Part 2. (If you missed Part 1, go back and listen to Episode…

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Episode 31: Getting to the Heart of Time Management, Part 1 with Anna Dearmon Kornick

The start of school, the fall, is a time for getting back into routines, hitting that reset button, and setting some goals.…

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Christy Keating is a certified parent coach,  positive discipline educator, and motivational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of The Heartful Parent Collective, which includes Heartful Parent Coaching, Savvy Parents Safe Kids, and Heartful Parent Academy.

The mother of two amazing daughters, Christy strives to build a happier, healthier world - one child, one parent, and one family at a time.