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  • Did you know that children who have open communication with their parents, and have been taught, in age-appropriate ways, about sex are safer?
  • Did you know that “stranger danger” is an outdated teaching tool that makes kids less safe? Do you know what to teach instead?
  • Do you know why “good touch, bad touch” can be confusing for kids?
  • Do you know the red flags and warning signs for predatory behavior?
  • Do you know the average age that kids are exposed to online pornography for the first time?
  • Do you know the biggest safety risk for middle schoolers?
  • Do you know how—and why—to monitor your child or teen’s online activity?
  • Do you know how to engage your tween or teen in difficult conversations about sex?
  • Do you know the legal definition of consent?  Do you know the O.M.E.G.A.S. of consent?  Do you know how to teach it to your tween or teen?
  • If you are an educator or childcare professional, do you know when your mandatory reporting requirements kick in?

If your answer to any of these questions is “NO,” you’re in the right place!

Savvy Parents Safe Kids can help you:

  • Be prepared to talk to kids about sex, safety and other “scary” topics.
  • Feel confident you can better protect kids from sexual abuse, online predators, social media pitfalls, cyberbullying, and more.
  • Learn easy-to-apply tips and tools for making safety lessons fun, engaging, and empowering—not scary!
  • Understand your obligations as a mandatory reporter.

Our parent workshops will help YOU learn the latest and best whole health, safety, and consent tips to help YOUR child and teen.

Our professional trainings will keep your staff and the children in their care safer, with evidence-based policies, procedures, and tools, as well as clarity around mandatory reporting obligations.

How can Savvy Parents Safe Kids support YOUR organization?

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Christy Keating of Savvy Parents Safe Kids provides invaluable information to parents. She is an expert in the field of keeping children safe in an ever-changing world. Her vast experience as both an attorney working to prosecute predators who victimize children, as well as a parent coach, provide her unparalleled expertise.

She is a gifted public speaker, able to talk easily about difficult subjects. She is a wonderful resource for families, schools, and communities.

 Christine Muenz

Evergreen Hospital