If we can't talk about sexual abuse and assault, we can't protect our kids from them.

Our Mission.

To build a world free of child sexual abuse, exploitation, and sexual assault alongside empowered parents, educated children, and engaged professionals and community leaders.

Our History.

Founded in 2006 by visionary Kim Estes, Savvy Parents Safe Kids has been providing workshops for parents and professionals all over the U.S. and Canada for more than 15 years!  Led by Attorney and Certified Parent Coach Christy Keating since 2018, Savvy Parents Safe Kids has expanded its reach and offerings to make a larger impact in the lives of children and those who love them.

A veteran prosecutor with a specialty in prosecuting sexually violent predators, Christy works hard to build a world in which children can grow up healthy, whole, happy, and heartful.

What We Do.

Savvy Parents Safe Kids, a branch of The Heartful Parent Collective, offers a variety of child safety classes, workshops, and presentations aimed at teaching and empowering parents, professionals, non-profits, and business organizations to keep our children safe.  Serving communities around the country since 2006, Savvy covers many different topics with a focus on the prevention of child sexual abuse, child exploitation, and sexual assault.

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Your presentation was the single best presentation to a parent group that I have seen. Very impactful with great tips and tools to use. I am recommending you to friends at other schools in the area.  Seriously, it was awesome.


Parent, St. Paul Academy, St. Paul, Minnesota


Classes for Parents

Our child safety workshops are designed for parents with children from toddlers to teens.  We work with public and private schools, PTA groups, preschools and co-ops, churches, and other child- and teen-serving organizations.  Our classes cover the most important whole health and child safety topics and provide the most up-to-date information to empower parents to protect their children and teens and prevent harm.


Trainings for Professionals

Our trainings for professionals provide school staff and childcare organizations with a clear understanding of mandatory reporting requirements and how to develop policies designed to create an atmosphere of safety for staff and students alike.  We also teach educators how to teach the children in their care the necessary life skills for building a foundation of safety that will last a lifetime.  Our easy, interactive, and engaging lessons make these challenging topics much easier and more fun for everyone!