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At the Collective, We Educate to Elevate.

Grounded in our values of curiosity and growth we know that the only way to elevate our parenting individually and community-wide is through education. Organizations that work with and support parents can be immensely impactful when they provide much-needed, and oft-wished-for parenting support and information. If you are looking for engaging, research-based, and empowering workshops and classes, you’re in the right place!

Savvy Parents Safe Kids Workshops

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With decades of public speaking experience and under my belt, I love sharing information critical to the safety of our children with my audiences.  My workshops are engaging, relevant, and designed to build awareness and empower parents.  No matter the subject, attendees walk away with actionable information they can put into practice immediately.

Prices are as low as $500 up to $2500 and are based on a variety of factors; public school rates are on a sliding scale based on free and reduced lunch percentages.  Please contact me to discuss your organization’s needs and how I might support your mission!

Need a reduced fee class? Let’s talk. I provide several reduced fee classes each year – schedule a time to chat below!

My most popular workshops are below, but if you have a need, please reach out—let’s see how I can support you!

(For general parenting topics, please click here.)

Preschool Plus!

(for parents of children ages 3-6)

Talking to your young child about body safety can seem scary.  Where do you start?  What is age-appropriate?  How do you manage a kid who seems to have no boundaries when it comes to strangers?  We have you covered!  You will walk away from this workshop feeling empowered with easy, non-scary ways to talk to young kids about safety.

Protecting your K-5 Kiddo

(for parents of children in K through 5th grade)

As kids get older, the way we talk to them about safety changes.  If you need a workshop to reach a larger parent population, this will touch on the safety topics relevant to the parents of your elementary learning community.  We’ll talk about boundaries, bodies, and consent, and will also touch on online safety, and when it’s a good idea to get (or not to get) a child a cell phone.

Be Keen on Your Tween’s Safety

(for parents of children ages 8-12)

As children head toward their teen years, they start to want and need more independence.  How we handle this as parents can be a total game-changer.  Make sure you are prepared for this normal part of growing up because changes are coming your way!

Middle School Mania: What Parents Need to Know

(for parents of children in or entering middle school)

Hormones! Eye rolls! Door slams! Clamoring for more independence!  Do you ever find yourself asking “who are you and what have you done with my child?”  Now is the time to change your safety game plan! Middle school brings high risks for kids and can leave parents feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and worried.  Let us help you make sense of this challenging time.

Talking Consent with Tweens and Teens

(for parents of middle- and high-schoolers)

Navigating relationships and understanding consent is not as intuitive as we might think.  Our tweens and teens need a great deal of guidance around these and the research shows they’re not getting it.  In this era of #MeToo, it is more important than ever that our t(w)eens have the information they need to keep themselves and their partners safe.  This workshop gives you tools that will make it easy to talk to your teen about these challenging topics.

Optimizing Online Safety

(for parents of children 3rd grade and older)

Our children are growing up as digital natives in a landscape very different than the one most of us grew up in.  Computers are provided by most schools starting at a young age, and our children are increasingly conducting their lives online—they are doing school work, conducting research for assignments, and socializing all over a digital medium.  There are wonderful things about that, and also a lot of risks.  Join us to learn the “Cyber 7” rules of internet safety, and how to both guide and protect our kids online.

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Christy’s talk about consent was truly eye-opening and incredibly helpful - even for me and I’m well versed in this topic! She provided clear info about why consent education is so important; suggestions for talking with kids without freaking them out; and made these uncomfortable, important and necessary conversations so much easier. Your families will come away from this class feeling confident and ready to tackle these talks.

Amy Lang

Birds + Bees + Kids

Savvy Parents Safe Kids Classes

Rocking "The Talk"

Nervous or perplexed on how and when to start talking to your kids about sex?

[Hint: it’s probably earlier than you think.] Wanting to do a better job than your parents did for you, but not sure where to start? This engaging, interactive class, breaks it down and makes it easy to get going on those challenging talks, whether your kiddo is four or fourteen.

Chock full of science-backed information, conversation starters, and resources for making the “the talk” easier, you will walk away feeling much more knowledgeable and confident to discuss this important piece of life with your child.

This class idea is for parents of children ages 4 to 12.

Classes take place virtually and in person. 

Investment: $59-$100

Fees for this 2.5-hour class are $59 for one parent; $100 for two. Fees include handout materials.

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Every parent should hear Christy's safety workshop. She is an articulate speaker who will give you the facts, without the fear. It is time to empower our children to trust their instincts and give them understandable boundaries.  Her workshop gives parents a place to start—with the many little discussions that come up as parents raise their children toward independence.

Melissa Campana